When Building a New Home, Comfort Is Every Bit as Important as Beauty

Heating and Air Conditioning systems are essentially “hidden” features, and they are an easy place for your home builder contractor to cut corners. Generally, to keep initial cost low, they will select the lowest bid on the heating and cooling system. However, the lowest bid can sometimes mean a poorly done AC installation job and it can cost you a lot more money in the long run. Also, choosing the most expensive bid doesn’t guarantee the highest quality of work either. They can skimp on materials and take shortcuts to increase their profit margins as well.


  • High noise levels from inferior equipment
  • Improperly sized equipment affecting comfort and energy bills
  • Improperly sized duct work resulting in inadequate and noisy airflow
  • Undersized return air ducts which can impede efficiency and overwork the compressor
  • Condensate drains and drain lines which are improperly installed
  • Installing registers which are not adjustable or incorrectly sized resulting in inadequate air flow
  • Improper sealing of ducts, register, plenums and equipment which can cost you money in AC repairs throughout the year


  • Load calculation of your structure to determine the size of the unit your home will need
  • Correctly sized duct work for each room of your home
  • Properly placed and sized registers according to the load calculation and design of the room
  • Return air registers that are properly sized and placed for sufficient airflow which can affect the performance and life of your compressor
  • Including an emergency drain on a unit installed above the ceiling. If the primary drain pan is clogged this will help protect your ceilings and walls from water damage. The entire heating and cooling system should be sealed properly. This will prevent any leaks that could be costly. It may cost a little more initially to do this, but it can save you a great deal of money in the future.

When selecting a heating and air conditioning company, make sure they are state licensed and fully insured. Ask about warranties, service call prices, and if they are available 24 hours 7 days a week for emergencies. Trust your friends and the online community when asking for references. Read reviews and responses from the company on social media and other review sites. Visit Farnellac.com or call Farnell Heating and Air Conditioning @ 251-471-2674. We have a team of professionals to serve you and your home building needs in Mobile and Baldwin County.

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